Upcoming First Friday September 6, 6-9 pm

 Dancing in the Streets

Join First Friday for the “Dancing  in the Streets” event!  San Juan Dance will perform at Veteran’s Community Plaza & will lead us around the downtown in a conga line at 7:00 pm!

We have a thirteen piece band playing at Veteran’s Community Plaza & other bands playing all over town! There are many stores open late for evening shopping, specials in our restaurants and cafes, prizes, promotions, and sales hosted by our participating merchants and sponsors, and Club 55 at the back patio of the Los Altos Assistance League.  Kids Corner at the Veteran’s Community Plaza will feature cut outs for pictures, games, crafts, hula hoops, and more!

Our bands playing around the downtown  include: Sunday Seven at Boulanger, In the Pocket at Los Altos Tasting Room, Eurotrash at Chase Bank, House Band at Hotel Enchante, Big Mike and the Hartbeats at Veterans Community Plaza, Fully Funded at Assistance League, Mary Gospe at Nature Gallery, & Maximum Hold at Linden Tree.  We also have a vocal group, Vocal Capital at Gallery 9.
All of these amazing musicians play on First Friday for free! They play for the sheer joy of bringing music to our community!

We also have a First Friday Friend Fund.  For a $20 donation to First Friday, you will receive a First Friday shopping bag and a First Friday hat.  Donations can be made at Nature Gallery, Los Altos Community Chiropractic, and Los Altos Community Foundation.  On First Friday, you can also donate at the Veteran’s Community Plaza.


First Street

Los Altos Community Chiropractic PLATINUM SPONSOR! Mention FF for 10% off all services!
Tin Pot Creamery: FF Sundae Special!

Main Street

Hotel Enchante: Live Music!
Paperwhirl: Open for FF!
Footwear Etc: Open for FF!
Chase Bank: Live Music!
Le Boulanger: Live Music!
Adventure Toys: Open for FF!

Gourmet Works:  Free chocolate samples! Buy one chocolate truffle, get one for free!
LuLu’s: FF Happy Hour!
Gallery 9: 
Kathy Sharpe celebrates 20 years with Gallery 9 with  a collection of oil and watercolor paintings .  Kathy is a painting instructor, and featured artist & cover artist for events in Carmel. Serving refreshments! Live Music
Los Altos Tasting Room: Live Music!

State Street

Viewpoints Gallery: new artist’s exhibit! Serving refreshments!
Assistance League of Los Altos: Live Music!
Fiesta Vallerta: FF Happy Hour! Live Music!

BK Collections: Open for FF!
Linden Tree: Open for FF! Live Music!
Nature Gallery: PLATINUM SPONSOR! FF Specials!  Serving refreshments! Live Music!

United Studios of Self Defense: $20 registration/$20 New Client
Area 151: Open for FF!


Main Street

Hotel Enchante: House Band
Gallery 9: Vocal Capital
Chase Bank: Eurotrash

Le Boulanger: Sunday Seven
Los Altos Tasting Room: In the Pocket

State Street 

Assistance League of Los Altos: Fully Funded
Nature Gallery: Mary Gospe
Linden Tree: Maximum Hold

Veteran’s Community Plaza

Band:  Big Mike and the Hartbeats

Take your picture in one of our FF cut-outs!
Participate in our Wheel of Fortune!
Los Altos First Friday Information Table and Prizes!
Donate $20 here to the First Friday Friend Fund & you will receive a First Friday shopping bag and a First Friday hat!

Kids Corner!

Games, crafts, hula hoops, bubbles, just to name a few. Our Kids Corner is at the Veteran’s Community Plaza every First Friday for you.

Club 55 / Assistance League Back Patio

Join us on the back patio of the Assistance League for our pop-up night club. 
Free & Open to all!  
Bring a bottle of your favorite beverage to share!

Every First Friday you can:

Visit participating shops and galleries for discounts, free gifts with purchases or other in-store specials
• Enjoy complimentary refreshments and treats
• Listen to live performances at various locations in downtown

Interested in being a sponsor, a participating merchant, a performer, or a volunteer??

Contact Dr. Jamie Lucia for more details!