First Friday March 7 6-8 pm

Join us for March First Friday!  There are bands everywhere, the stores are full of specials, and our restaurants are serving wonderful meals!

Click on the links below to see our new First Friday videos!

40 Second Video
1 Minute and 40 Second Video
3 Minute and 30 Second Video


First Street

Los Altos Community Chiropractic PLATINUM SPONSOR! Mention FF for 10% off all services!
Sweet Diplomacy: Open for FF!
Amandine Project: Live Music!
Tin Pot Creamery: First Friday Sundaes!

Main Street

Hotel Enchante: Live Music!
Gallery 9: Celebrating 50 years 1970-2020! See the exhibition Dreamscapes by artist Cecilia Mases!   Her oil & acrylic paintings feature landscapes & seascapes. Some of her paintings are truer to nature, others more abstract. Serving refreshments!
Paperwhirl: Open for FF!
Sherry Scott Design: Open for FF!
Adventure Toys: Open for FF!
Gourmet Works: Free chocolate samples! Buy one chocolate truffle, get one for free!
American Cancer Society Discovery Shop: Open for FF!
Footwear Etc:
Open for FF!
Chase Bank: Live Music!

Sky Family Taekwondo: Open for FF!
Sethi Couture: Open for FF!
Footwear Etc: Open for FF!
Los Altos Tasting Room: Open for FF!
Maria’s France Italy England: Open for FF!

State Street

The Girls: Open for FF!
Rebarts Interiors: Serving refreshments!
Linden Tree Books: Live Music!
Cranberry Scoop: Open for FF!
Fiesta Vallerta: FF Happy Hour! Live Music!
Nature Gallery: PLATINUM SPONSOR! FF Specials!  Serving refreshments!  Live Music!
Repeter: Open for FF!
Viewpoints Gallery: New artist’s exhibit! Serving refreshments!
BK Collections: Live Music!
Revelation in Fit: Open for FF!

State of Mind:  Live Music!
Pet’s Delight: Open for FF!


First Street

Amandine Project: Maximum Hold

Main Street

Hotel Enchante: House Band
Chase Bank: Eurotrash

State Street 

Linden Tree Books: Molly and Scott
Nature Gallery: Song Garden
BK Collections: Vocal Capital
State of Mind: Bush, Brush, and Bramble

Veteran’s Community Plaza

John Henry’s Farm

Kids Corner!

Games, crafts, hula hoops, bubbles, just to name a few!   Our Kids Corner is here at the Veteran’s Community Plaza every First Friday for you!
Participate in our Wheel of Fortune!
Visit our First Friday table for information & prizes!
Donate $20 here to the First Friday Friend Fund & you will receive a First Friday shopping bag and a First Friday hat!

Every First Friday you can:

Visit participating shops and galleries for discounts, free gifts with purchases or other in-store specials
• Enjoy complimentary refreshments and treats
• Listen to live performances at various locations in downtown

Interested in being a sponsor, a participating merchant, a performer, or a volunteer?? Contact Dr. Jamie Lucia for more details.